Are we witnessing a shift in the world order?

A new term was coined at this year’s Munich Security Conference. The term refers to a sense of uneasiness and uncertainty about the American-European alliance in overseeing the world order.

Throughout the conference, the word “Westlessness” summarized the sentiments of attendees, which included elite international diplomats.

“We were used to an international order that had been based on Western hegemony. Things change,” said French President Emmanuel Macron on August 27, 2019.

What’s changing?

Speaking to a panel on TRT World, Ulrike Franke, a policy fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations, explains: “I think it is true the West is kind of losing cohesion internally and is losing importance and influence externally.”

American and European Influence Declines

The loss of Western importance is allowing the rise of Chinese, Indian, and Russian importance and influence. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told attendees, “China and Russia were ascendant in a new world order where the United States is taking a more confrontational role.”

“The West as being Europe and America- that relationship had broken down, and we’re also seeing the rise of China, India, and therefore an era where the West had been predominant was coming to an end,” noted the Guardian’s Diplomatic Editor, Patrick Wintour.

Western Values Decline

The declining predominance of the West means Western values are also losing predominance. Whereas Western values underpinned the hegemony of the world system, a shift in values ensues.

The use of force and economic power allows you to exercise your values. The West’s increasing unwillingness to use force is contributing to the change in values from international affairs to even their own cities.

A declining Western influence at the table of global democracy enables a shift to anyone’s values, whether Chinese, Western, Islamic, or any other values.

The result will be a new form of tribalism- a new world order not built upon national interests and cultural values, but on the interests and values of the global majority.

The multi-trillion dollar question is, who determines the interests and values in the new world order, particularly in a world order growing increasingly intolerant of Christians, Jews, and Americans in general?

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