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The fear of corporate shame will steer most businesses onto the progressive agenda to prevent climate change within the next decade, suggests a survey of global business leaders.

In February 2020 a survey of sustainability experts from 66 countries predicted major changes by 2030. The survey included the consequences of not addressing climate change in corporate business models.

Respondents were asked the question, “For large companies that are not adequately addressing climate change, which two of the following will have the largest negative impact on their revenue, profits, and long-term growth? Please pick the two most important consequences from the list below in order of their importance.” 49% of the respondents picked a worsening reputation among key stakeholders as having the largest negative impact on businesses. The next greatest concern was an increased physical/financial vulnerability to climate-related impacts at 29%, followed by a lack of access to capital/divestment at 26%. Only 2% believed not addressing climate change would have no negative impact on revenue, profit, or growth.[1]

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[1] SustainAbility, “New Survey of Sustainability Experts: to Remain Competitive Companies Must Become Carbon Neutral Within a Decade.” 11 February 2020. Accessed 4 August 2020.