Global Activists seek world salvation, issue demands to world leaders. Image credit: Pixabay

The Club of Rome, with the aid of young activist Greta Thunberg, issued an open letter to world leaders on July 16 demanding global recognition of a climate emergency and presented a list of demands for immediate action to achieve a fully-decarbonized economy by 2050.

The list of demands includes halting all investments in fossil fuels, creating climate policies that take into account all forms of inequalities including economic, race, and gender, and even tearing up contracts and abandoning existing business deals.

What I find dangerous about the Club of Rome’s “climate disaster” warning is that it’s built on the premise the world’s population and resource consumption is out of control.

It’s not.

The fundamental flaw in the premise is exposed by God’s cultural mandate, found in Genesis 1:28:

“Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and use it.”

While the climate change movement brings much-needed attention to poor stewardship of the world’s resources and a need for correction, it isn’t infallible.

To a Bible believer such as myself, what Thunberg and the Club of Rome imply with this open letter is the God who created the world and told us to fill it up with people and use its resources issued a fatal decree.

The demands listed by the Club of Rome further insist there’s a moral component to their demands. I ask, what is the source of that morality if not the very God whom their demands reject?

Once again, the world comes to the conclusion we need a Savior.

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