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A friend recently asked me about “cancel culture.” Here are my thoughts.

Cancel culture is evil on multiple levels. Those who try to cancel opposing viewpoints are destroying people’s lives, destroying our national heritage and cultural cohesion, and they completely misrepresent the moral fabric that made this country great.

The cancel culture’s focus on slavery and white supremacy to portray capitalism as evil overshadows Jesus’ parable of the talents and exposes their twisted intentions. Their solution to earning a just reward for your efforts? Enslave all to the collective whole. And by the collective whole, I don’t mean just Americans working to support fellow Americans. I mean enslaving Americans- and the other Western nations- to support the entire planetary population. To that, I implore you to look beyond activists’ demands for reparations and special provisions in America. Pay close attention to global discussions concerning how to finance the new global economy which envisions the empowerment of China, India, and Africa.

Cancel culture has a unique way of externalizing problems- meaning they place blame fully on social constructs instead of acknowledging individual responsibility where appropriate. When that happens, there is no longer a concept of individual sin and need of a Savior to make atonement with God.

Instead, they mock Jesus’ sacrifice with a concept of social salvation by crucifying whatever they determine to be the cause of the “social evil.” Today they’re targeting the police, white politicians, and American and European culture. Sooner, rather than later, it will be Christians, whose biblical teachings run counter to everything the global system believes is necessary for planetary salvation. You might say the global system is expressly anti-Christian.

The longer cancel culture is allowed to continue, the closer we’ll get to understanding why it is written, “they will be of one mind and give their authority and power to the beast. And the beast will make war against the Lamb” (Revelation 17:13). Cancel culture is really out to cancel the Lamb.