Tuesday, January 26, 2021



Universal Virtual Learning Standards are Coming. What You Need to Know

Universal virtual learning standards are coming. A model for new virtual learning standards is already underway in the United Arab Emirates.
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Cancel Culture’s Curse Upon Christianity

A friend recently asked me about “cancel culture.” Here are my thoughts. Cancel culture is evil on multiple levels....

WESTLESSNESS: A Shift in the World Order is Underway

In an era of populism, Trump, Brexit, anti-immigration politics, protectionism and nationalism, what does it all add up to? One term is catching on: Westlessness.
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Expect Fear of Corporate Shaming to Shift the World Towards Sustainability, Suggest Business Leaders

The fear of corporate shame will steer most businesses onto the progressive agenda to prevent climate change within the next decade, suggests a survey of global business leaders.
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4 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Our World

Our world seems tossed about like an ocean liner on a raging sea. Where are we heading and who's steering the ship?